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Whatsapp Spy Hack Cheat Tool Download 2016

Whatsapp Spy has been officially released in 2016. This is a very advanced tool and offers great opportunities! Get your own proxies, or just select the default one. See how it’s done by toggling the output and many more.


We, the team behind this Whatsapp Spy, are very proud to release this hack for everyone. We have tried to get some really nice features in this tool, but our main focus has been the hack itself. Therefore, Whatsapp Spy design may not be the best, but the program works flawless. We have worked on this tool since a few months. Coding it was hard, because the company had just optimised their security (more about that in the next paragraph). We decided to release it as a VB.net program, which basically means that it is easy to use, and don’t like to struggle with such tools.


  • Use proxies. Import your private proxies, or just use our standard public ones, to not get recognised while connecting to the database.
  • Spy whoever you want. Connecting to a user is not difficult. Just enter their number and voila!
  • Check the output. You can actually see what the program is doing! This is an extra feature we made, and we get some nice feedback about it!
  • The client is 100% secure!
  • Updated as much as we can. Leave some feedback and we will update it when we thing it is needed, or maybe we will release a new version with the suggested items!
  • Awesome friendly and easy to use user-interface.
  • Automatic updates to latest version to ensure functionality.

F.A.Q. :

Is there any chance to get banned? - Absolutely not, we use a private proxy server for ban-evading How long does it take to receive Messages and etc? - Normally you will get conversations in some seconds Can I use Whatsapp Spy free conversations Hack 2014 on more accounts? - Of course, yes Description
1. The Hack changes the guidelines or aim line of your cue to maximum. That means you never fail to pot a ball.

2. Hack changes your conversations amount in game to whatever amount you input in the tool.

3. Tournament Dc’er (Dis-connector) disconnects opponent in tournament games. It sometimes works with duel matches as well.


  1. Your download will be unlocked just after you complete a offer/survey
  2. Download the file
  3. Extract the .exe file for the .rar file
  4. Run the file Whatsapp Spy Hack.exe
  5. Select you Region
  6. Type your target phone number
  7. Click the “Connect” button
  8. That’s it ! Redeem your Whatsapp Spy Conversations !

Whatsapp Spy Hack

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